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February 16th, 2009

Internet icon Yanik Silver and teen business coach Shonika Proctor are challenging teens to apply for a free pass to the Underground Online Seminar: a weekend conference where people like GoDaddy.com`s Bob Parsons and billion-dollar shoe empire Zappos.com`s Tony Hseih will share how they built profitable online companies.

“10 kids will be a part of it so they can take their businesses to a whole new level of sophistication and profitability,” says Yanik Silver, who himself started with a few hundred dollars, and has made over thirteen million dollars in less than eight years with only his wife as a part time employee.

Yanik Silver’s seminars and books have attracted millions of subscribers and followers through over a dozen different websites. He is convinced that this economy is the best time to start a web-based business from home. “I’m still blown away how many people are job hunting – even after being disappointed repeatedly with the shortcomings of employment,” Yanik says.

Shonika thinks today’s teens are different. “Teens will conquer the world if you show them how,” she says.

Last week Yanik and Shonika announced the teen scholarship program, and have already received applicants from around the world. The teen that have applied have all different kinds of companies. Many of them are making great money through companies that they run from a bedroom in their parent’s house.

The Underground Online Seminar
February 20-22, Washington, DC

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