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February 2nd, 2009

When it comes to technology, I am generally one of the last to jump onboard.  This includes social media sites like Linked InFaceBook and Twitter.  It’s only when half my network sends me half-encouraging and half-threatening emails that I reluctantly join.  And, I must admit, that each time I succumb to the “peer pressure” of social networking, I am thrilled I have.

My latest foray into Twitter (find me @ InciteYES) is proving to be an amazing experience!  I am blown away, for example, that CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh who has almost fifty thousand followers, personally responds to all his tweets (or is it twits?)  Since Tony is one of my business heros, an ability to connect that way has been extraordinary. I was intending to write about the value of Twitter for networking, but was so moved by Tony’s blog post on the topic, I decided to share it with you instead.

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