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April 30th, 2014

Being a complete and utter technophobe I dread the day – inevitably afflicting my existence every several years – when my phone or computer tells me in no uncertain terms that it’s about to retire.  It probably goes without saying that when this occurs I have no idea what’s out on the market or what I should be looking for to replace the dearly departed device.  Thus I often turn to people in the know – my community on Facebook, Twitter and professional listservs for guidance and advice.

Inevitably, each and every time, the largest and most vocal group to chime in and laud their beloved brand are the Apple evangelists.  And I can relate, I can see why.  I absolutely love my iPod, the only Apple product I own.  I’ve also had the experience of visiting – and be in awe of – the Apple stores.   I am still not convinced that I am ready to conquer the Mac learning curve, but after reading this blog post by Guy Kawasaki I am more compelled to give it serious consideration.

The article truly reminded me that Apple is so much more than a cool technology and user experience company; it’s a people-centered organizational culture that I hugely admire, advocate and believe my clients (and I) can really learn from.  As I navigate an impending laptop upgrade decision, Apple’s founding guiding principle “How do we enrich people’s lives?” is actually inspiring me to take a closer look behind those huge clear windows of their their storefront.  What brand has inspired you to change your mind or purchasing decision and why?


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