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May 6th, 2009

“You’ve become a Kidsave evangelist,” joked my friend Alan who hears me pitch my charity so frequently, that I’m worried he’ll run away screaming next time. Except he totally gets it – he has been a tireless mental health advocate for decades and has been generously enabling my Kidsave obsession by pointing every possible helpful resource in my direction. In fact, it’s been incredible to experience most people’s response to my quest for Kidsave. Somehow the mission of saving children worldwide from terrible orphanages and finding them permanent loving families resonates with people. Countless friends AND strangers have offered up everything from fabulous auction items to pro-bono services to their entire rolodex for outreach purposes! As it turns out, getting passionately obsessed with helping others produces all kinds of Kismet… no pun intended ;)

My mind is constantly racing with things I can do and people I can call to make Kismet for Kidsave on June 11th a resounding success. I wonder if other fundraiser chairs are as possessed as I am about their causes… What’s most incredible is how often now people I need to reach randomly show up in the most unlikely of places.

For example, this weekend I was walking out of the Shakespeare Theatre (where I saw a great show and of course lobbied for tickets to auction) when I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Ellice and I worked together in my first job after college and in the… ahem… years since then have kept loosely in touch, admiring each other’s accomplishments along the way. I was just thinking of calling my dynamo friend to catch up and tell her about my project when we literally ran into each other. I love kismet, don’t you? It’s when these kinds of incidents happen daily you know you’re in flow!

I notice that each time I am in an authentic “evangelist” mode, all kinds of magical opportunities show up on my path. This is how both of my companies Incite and YES!Circle were born and flourished and now Kidsave. The common element is that through these new and exciting ventures my goal has been to help other people. When the focus is on serving rather than selling, I feel most alive, connected and engaged so it naturally draws people and opportunities aligned with this energy.

Ok, time to stop typing and get out there to get more amazing folks onboard with Kismet for Kidsave. I’d love nothing more than for you to get involved too… that’s right YOU, one still reading this long post! Whether you know a company who might be interested in sponsoring Kismet, or contributing an auction item, or if you can simply buy at ticket and ask your friends to come or donate a few dollars… every single penny matters! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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