April 17th, 2016

“It’s all about being genuine, doing what you say you’ll do and treating people with humanity no matter what” – Glen O’Gilvie

“Failure is not an option and neither is complaining.” This – and how to do more with less – is what Glen O’Gilvie learned from his Jamaican immigrant parents. So when he became an “accidental” leader at a young age, Glen had to figure out how to gain credibility and trust, lead people of all ages and backgrounds and make a transformational impact on the organizations and communities he has served.

In this dynamic interview Glen shares his personal story and insights on empowering people (even when you let them go); transforming organizations; current trends in strengths and growing edges of nonprofit leaders and how to address the gaps; and the importance of ongoing reflection and coaching as a leader.

What You’ll Learn

  • What Glen has learned about life, positive attitude and doing more with less from his Jamaican immigrant parents
  • How Glen’s first few no-go jobs and an unexpectedly engaging one shaped his career path
  • How to overcome barriers of being a young (and/or accidental) leader
  • Strategies and capacities necessary to transform a struggling organization
  • What it means to hire slow and fire fast
  • What it takes to leave employees empowered even when letting them go (it has to do with Glen’s 3 Rs – Redirect, Retrain and Release)
  • Current trends in non-profit leadership challenges and how to get the right support
  • How coaching and ongoing reflection can support executives to even greater growth and development. I know what you’re thinking but I promise, I didn’t plant this conversation despite my obvious bias on the topic – it was all Glen!

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About Glen O’Gilvie

Glen O’Gilvie, CAE was named chief executive officer of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement on June 5, 2008. A leader with more than 15 years of experience in the Metropolitan Washington nonprofit sector, Glen is passionate about addressing the issues affecting communities throughout the region.

Before joining the Center, Glen served as president and CEO of Earth Conservation Corps. During his tenure from 2004 to 2008, he strengthened the organization’s programmatic infrastructure and forged partnerships with nonprofits, public officials, foundations and corporations throughout the region to advance the organization’s work. He developed structured environmental workforce development, leadership and service programs for disconnected youth in Washington, D.C., and built staff, board and organizational capacity with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Prior to Earth Conservation Corps, Glen worked as a program officer for the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. While at the Community Foundation, he was responsible for growing the organization’s youth development grant program, which builds the capacity of nonprofit organizations throughout the region.

Previously, Glen served as the national coordinator for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial’s RFK Fellows program. While there, he strengthened and developed youth training and leadership program model that placed young people within nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C., and California to support their innovative efforts.

Glen holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology; a master’s of education in guidance and counseling and has completed various nonprofit management and leadership training and certification programs. He resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland, with his wife and two children.


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