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It must be love!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I have a confession to make – I am completely and utterly in love, bordering on obsession! I am experiencing a crazy mix of emotions on hourly – sometimes momentary basis – excitement, delight, nervousness, fear, gratitude and more excitement. My mind is constantly racing. It’s even beginning to affect my dreams! I envision a […]

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Teen Entrepreneurs Invited to DC to Hear Millionaires Speak

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Internet icon Yanik Silver and teen business coach Shonika Proctor are challenging teens to apply for a free pass to the Underground Online Seminar: a weekend conference where people like GoDaddy.com`s Bob Parsons and billion-dollar shoe empire Zappos.com`s Tony Hseih will share how they built profitable online companies. “10 kids will be a part of […]

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How Social Media Can Make You a Better and Happier Person

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

When it comes to technology, I am generally one of the last to jump onboard.  This includes social media sites like Linked In, FaceBook and Twitter.  It’s only when half my network sends me half-encouraging and half-threatening emails that I reluctantly join.  And, I must admit, that each time I succumb to the “peer pressure” of social networking, I […]

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