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February 2nd, 2016

“If we’re not able to tell our story we’re not able to connect with other people who will truly benefit from it.” – Scott Jackson, CEO, Global Impact and the Leadership Insights Podcast first guest.  

For fourteen years I’ve been privileged to hear stories my leader clients have shared with me about their roots, dreams, struggles and successes. But perhaps like your own triumphs, theirs have rarely arrived in a straightforward, easy, constantly upward trajectory. There’s been adversity, missteps, ebbs and flows, naysayers and helpful people on the way who encouraged and inspired them to keep going, to grow and evolve, to learn how to be better, stronger leaders. Each of us has a story and over time it has become clear to me that when these stories are shared they become a human thread of connection, inspiration and source of learning for those around us.

i866-minMy passion for stories and their powers is what compelled me to launch my Podcast this year; fear is why it took me so many years to get up the courage to do it. I can say that I’ve been busy – I have been – or that I’m not good with technology a podcast necessitates – I’m not. But the truth is, I don’t think I was ready to be vulnerable, to share my own story, to be fully visible. In a public forum like a podcast, when you interview someone you admire and you ask them personal questions and dig into what makes them them and what their scars may be… well, they – and listeners – often become curious, what makes you, YOU?

Perhaps you can relate – my story hasn’t always been the Disney
version of a fairy tale; it’s been largely shaped by pIMG_0722assages of the Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm variety (probably like yours and that of my clients.) And the Grimm details are scary to reveal, aren’t they? Have you noticed though that each time we do, something special happens? A new connection, an opportunity, an insight… One of my greatest highlights in 2015 materialized because I shared my immigration story in a book for kids 12 years ago. It was magical, especially because it happened amidst a Grimm life passage, and thus to me even better than Disney.

Although it would still be so much easier to hide behind the semi-anonymous shield of a coach, consultant and facilitator when it’s all about the client, the group and the organization, I am doing this! And extraordinary people and opportunities are aligning to support my dream, so I know I’m on the right path.

I’m incredibly grateful that my very first guest Scott Jackson so beautifully modeled and reminded me about the incredible impact of story. His authenticity held up a mirror to my own and validated why it’s crucial to move forward with this podcast adventure. To push past the fear of being seen and heard, to step into my own voice and to give other leaders an opportunity to be heard.

Scott_thumbnailI am sure some of the interviews will be straight-forward interesting conversation with interesting leaders you’ll admire and can learn from; others – as I’ve already thankfully experienced – will tug at your heart strings and make you think, reflect and feel; perhaps even consider revealing even more of yourself. This is what my interview with Scott Jackson did for me and I’m so grateful!

Thank you for reading, for listening and for sharing your own story – the world needs you to!


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