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October 29th, 2008

I really enjoyed this article in the Wall Street Journal about eliminating those awful annual performance appraisals.  Brought back all kinds of not-so pleasant memories along with validation for why we do what we do at Incite!

I remember, back in the corporate world, how anxious my colleagues and I felt whenever our annual reviews came up. It was quite demoralizing completing all those self assessment forms, enumerating our accomplishments and fearing that our own perceptions would not at all match the bosse’s. And, in many cases those apprehensions were justified – they often forgot our shining moments but always recalled “areas of improvement”. It was especially frustrating when the “constructive feedback” came out of the left field. Hmmm, wouldn’t it be SO much more productive if those little glitches are pointed out as they happen (maybe 10 months before the review)? So that there’s plenty of time to learn, improve and grow? When consulting leaders at Incite, we always incite them (no pun intended) to provide on-going feedback and coaching to their staff. Much more powerful, productive and empowering way to lead (and also measure employee’s ability to accept and act upon feedback, both positive and constructive).

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