October 10th, 2017

“Beginning with the end in mind is always the key.”

If you want to meet a modern Renaissance man, you must hear Jim Kenefick’s interview! Somehow he simultaneously embodies a brilliant entrepreneurial mind, save-the-world convictions, relentlessly adventurous spirit and heart-centered mindfulness.

Jim is passionate about his company’s capacity to make a difference – through its socially responsible orientation, client services and internal culture. He collects experiences, reads voraciously, ideates continuously and learns unceasingly from everything that crosses his path. It’s such a dynamic, inspiring conversation, you don’t want to miss it!

What you’ll learn

  • How growing up in New England with a “wooden spoon” shaped Jim’s character
  • What life experiences helped him develop emotional IQ through childhood and college
  • How witnessing his father get laid off from his job ignited Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit
  • Why the seventy days he spent in nature with a college friend were among the top five experiences of his life
  • What Jim learned about running a business from his first venture as a college painter
  • How studying diverse authors from Stephen Covey on goals to Miguel Ruiz on authenticity shaped his thinking and being
  • Jim’s philosophy about not taking things personally and dealing with disappointment with grace, patience and surrender
  • What it means to Jim to be a “B Corp” from transparency to diversity to how you treat your employees
  • Great advice for listeners about hiring people with the right attitudes and mindsets
  • And so much more!

Links & Resources

  • BetterWorld Telecom – Jim’s “Committed to Tech for Good” company
  • Sparrow Mobile – provider Jim referenced that donates service to someone in need every time you purchase one!
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – classic business book by Stephen Covey Jim referenced in his interview
  • The Four Agreements – another must-read by Don Miguel Ruiz we discuss in the interview
  • Jim Rohn – renowned business and sales expert Jim referenced in his interview
  • B Corporation – website that explains the corporate entity designation BetterWorld has chosen that focuses on the triple bottom line

About Jim Kenefick

Focused primarily in the technology, media and telecom sectors, Jim put his strategic investment and entrepreneurial leadership skills to use serving as managing partner, CEO, Director and impact investor.

  • Completed $250+ million worth of transactions for 8 technology companies in past 5 years
  • Led 3 companies from start-ups to revenue growth of $15, $30 and $70 million, and raised more than $750 million in capital to create companies worth over $750 million in market capital
  • Babson College and MIT Program grad
  • Inc. 500/ Inc. 5000 recipient (multiple years)
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (twice)
  • Extensive board governance and team-building experience
  • EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and YPO – international leadership positions for social and environmental enterprises

Specialties: CEO, Strategic Corporate Adviser, Board member, Mentor, Coach. Experienced High Growth Leader

. Long Standing Licensed Amateur Radio Operator


Young President’s Organization (YPO): Past Chairman of the YPO Social Enterprise Network (SEN) – Real Leaders Making a Difference. Created YPO’s International Sustainability Awards / Hall of Frame. Former Chair of YPO International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) network. Past Washington, DC Chapter Chair and longstanding YPO member.


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