June 12th, 2017

“My North Star is helping people who work with me to become even better than when they started.”

Richard Bynum believes there is nothing better than working in a place that’s completely aligned with your values. As a leader he is passionate about supporting and mentoring others to determine their own values (and value) so they can follow their “North Star”.

As the new President of the PNC Bank Richard brings a fresh perspective to his organization and industry at a critical time in history. In this dynamic, informative interview Richard shares what it’s been like to undergo this transition; his views on a diverse, inclusive workplace; being one of the first African American bank presidents in the banking community and so much more!

What you’ll learn

  • How constantly moving as a child influenced Richard’s belief in diversity of perspectives
  • Why it’s crucial to explain your “why” as a leader and how to help people get engaged with it
  • That Richard’s “North Star” as a leader is to help develop other leaders
  • Importance of helping emerging leaders find their own true North, even when it’s not aligned with your own
  • Strategies for handling difficult conversations with people we lead
  • How to make sure you have the right support systems mentoring and challenging you along the way
  • How Richard has successfully transitioned into his role with support by his legendary predecessor Mike Harreld
  • Richard’s perspective on a diverse, inclusive workplace and being one of the first African American bank presidents in the banking community
  • Importance of making company values tangible and actionable and authentically present in company decision making
  • How Richard equates importance of diversifying organizations similarly to the common wisdom of diversifying an investment portfolio
  • How to get back on-course with our North Star even when we meander off
  • And so much more!

Links & Resources

  • PNC – the bank Richard leads
  • Simon Sinek video – amazing TED talk by renowned author and thought leader articulating the importance of beginning any endeavor with our “why”
  • Doug Fruehling interview – previous Leadership Insights episode we referenced

About Richard Bynum

Richard was named regional president of PNC Bank (Greater Washington) in early 2017. Prior to his current role, he was a member of PNC’s retail executive leadership team leading its small business division. Before that he served as the greater Washington Retail Market Executive from 2010-14. He was responsible for consumer & small business sales within the greater Washington area including nearly 200 store locations and more than 1,000 employees.

Prior to coming to Washington, Richard was the Chief Operating Officer for the small business banking group where led the sales force operating platform for hundreds of small business bankers across the 18 markets where PNC has an active retail presence. He began his career with PNC in 2005 in their Executive Leadership Program. During that time at PNC, Richard played key roles in launching businesses and initiatives focused on revenue growth, strengthening the brand, increasing the engagement of employees and fostering innovation throughout PNC.

Prior to joining PNC, Richard had a 12-year career as a senior manager for the American Red Cross. His last role with the organization was as the managing director for disaster response & emergency communications at the Chicago chapter. During his career, he was an operations director for the Kosovo Refugee Operation as well as the September 11th effort in New York.

Richard has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at the Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Florida State University. He is also a graduate of the Consumers Bankers Association Graduate School of Retail Bank Management.

Richard is currently a member of 100 Black Men of Washington DC. Prior to moving into the area, he served as a board member for the Mattress Factory Art Museum and the Thelma Lovette YMCA branch; both in Pittsburgh, PA as well as Youth Service Project, a small not-for-profit in Chicago, IL. He and his wife, Evelyn, live in Springfield, VA with their two children.


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